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Ida Swinkels

A weekly adventure

For the past two years we have been attending classes at Naperville location on Thursday evening. Are oldest (5) started and since this year our middle child (3) has joined as well. The enthusiasm to go to Miss Ineke is overwhelming. Every week is a new adventure from which they return happy and exhausted. As a family we also enjoy activities organized by the school and we appreciate the pleasant atmosphere that exists between parents, teachers and students.

Sjoukje Brown

Adult education student/ pre-school

My daughter goes to the Tul(i)p School in Chicago every Saturday. She likes it and asks during the week whether it is already Saturday. I also go on a Saturday and have learned a lot of small grammatical things that will help me. Frits is a great help, and we have a great time in the classroom. It's nice to have contact with my culture every week and to get to know others who share it in the Chicago area.

Rosalie en Siemen ten Bruggencate

Stukje Nederland in Chicago!

Iedere zaterdagochtend gaan onze 3 kinderen (8/12/12 jaar) met heel veel plezier naar de Tulipschool in Chicago! Iedere week is dit voor ons allemaal weer even genieten van een stukje Nederland midden in de stad.  Onze kinderen leren op een speelse manier het Nederlands te onderhouden. Ook zijn er veel goede vriendschappen door de Nederlandse school gesloten en wordt er na schooltijd vaak gespeeld. De leerkrachten zijn zeer enthousiast en hebben veel ervaring met tweetaligheid. Wij zijn het team dankbaar voor al meer dan 3 jaar Nederlandse taal en cultuur lessen! 

Willemijn Brinke

Teacher and parent

It is with great pleasure that I have spent the past two years teaching at the Tulip School. I am also a mother, my daughter attends the school as well. It is fantastic that every week children get an opportunity to leave the American world for a while and come to a Dutch school.

How wonderful that the school also offers Dutch cultural activities! From Sinterklaas to Children's Book week, as well as picnics and handing out treats in class. A little of the Netherlands in Chicago/Naperville!

From experience, I know that the teachers put a lot of effort into teaching as much as they can in the time they have every week. They aim to do this in the most enjoyable way they can, so the children look forward to coming each week.


Former student

I was born and raised in the United States. I took classes at the Tul(i)p School from group 3 through high school. The curriculum taught me a lot about the Dutch language and culture. Assisting at the school was a great learning experience. Last summer I passed the CNaVT B2 exam which gives me the opportunity to study in the Netherlands!