Elementary and Middle School

Calender Naperville 2019 - 2020

Week 35, August 2019
First week of School + picnic; Saturday August 24
Week 38, September 2019
Parent meeting in Chicago; Saturday September 21
Week 48, November 2019
No school: Thanksgiving
Week 49, December 2019
Parent - Teacher conferences
Week 49, December 2019
Sinterklaas in cooperation with The Dutch Club
Week 52 and 01, 19/20
No school: winter break
Week 5, February 2020
Cito testing
Week 6, February 2020
Cito testing
Week 7, February 2020
Cito part 2 Werkwoordspelling group 8/ Cito tests make up day
Week 10, March 2020
Parent - Teacher conferences
Week 11, March 2020
School pictures in Chicago; Saturday March 14 (tentative)
Week 13, 2020
No school: Spring Break
Week 18, May 2020
King's Day Celebration, Saturday May 9, 2020
Week 23, June 2020
Last day of School

All events mentioned are tentative and subject to change. Parents are invited to join their children on these cultural events.

In order to comply with the regulations of the Dutch government and to obtain sufficient school hours, all of the cultural events are official school hours and are part of our school program.

Tul(i)p School tuition 2019-2020 - Open

Tul(i)p School tuition 2018-2019 - Close

Every year the students need to be registered. If you have registered before, it's a simple process for the new school year to re-register.
For the entire school semi-privat
$ 1510.00

Non-refundable deposit: $250.00 per student (check to be sent with the registration form or payment through QuickPay by Zell). The school will use this money for necessary investments before the school year starts, e.g. school material and books.

The school year consists of 9 months. The annual payment is due on August 15th, 2019.


Cancellations after August 15th, 2019 but before December 31st, 2019 will receive 50% restitution of the tuition. Cancellations after January 1st, 2020 will not receive restitution of the tuition.

An invoice will be sent to you through e-mail, and on request only, by regular mail. 

Payments can be made by checks, payable to 'TULIP SCHOOL' or through QuickPay with Zell (

Location and class times

Time, day and location for the semi private classes will be agreed upon with the teacher.