General information

Dutch for elementary, middle and high school

The Tul(i)p School provides Dutch language and cultural lessons for elementary, middle and high school students. Our school is a member of “de Stichting Nederlands Onderwijs in het Buitenland (NOB)”, the organization of Dutch education in Foreign Countries.

Our school is committed to improve the Dutch language skills of students who live in the Chicagoland area and who have the intention to move (back) to the Netherlands or Belgium. In order to smooth the transition to the Dutch or Belgian educational system, our program also contains Dutch cultural lessons. 

We use assessments and tests to evaluate the improvements of our students periodically. Students, who are not able to speak Dutch, first learn the basics of the oral and written language.

Three groups of students attend our school:
1. Students who use Dutch as their mother tongue,
2. Students for whom Dutch is a second language,
3. Students who do not speak Dutch. 

At the first meeting, a decision will be made in which group a student will fit in and what goals will be worked towards. This decision is a team effort between the teaching staff and the parents/carers. 

For more information in regards to the methods used, please contact our school at