Elementary and Middle School

School calendar 2023-2024

Saturday Aug 26, 2023
First day of school
Saturday Aug 26, 2023
Back to school picnic
Saturday Sep 2, 2023
No school: Labor Day
Saturday Oct 14, 2023
Cultural Event: Children's book week!
Saturday Nov 25, 2023
No school: Thanksgiving weekend
Saturday Dec 2, 2023
Cultural Event: Sinterklaas event with co-host Dutch Club Chicago
Saturday Dec 23 and 30, 2023
No school: Winter Break
Saturday, Mar 30, 2024
No school: Spring Break
Saturday Apr 27, 2024
Cultural Event: King's Day celebration

All events mentioned are tentative and subject to change. Parents are invited to join their children on the cultural events.

In order to comply with the regulations of the Dutch government and to obtain sufficient school hours, all of the cultural events are official school hours and are part of our school program.

Tuition fees

2023 - 2024



For each new school year the students need to be registered. If you have registered the previous year, it's a simple process to re-register.
Full annual tuition fee
$ 2100.00
Reduced annual tuition fee (when NOT paid by the employer of parents/guardians)
$ 1650.00*
Chicago, installments*
Payment options: annually, in 2 or 3 installments
Fees per installment see below

Please note that as of the upcoming 2023-2024 school year, Tulip School Chicago will be part of 't Klokhuis, which has locations in NY, CT, NJ, FL and offers online classes worldwide.

General information – Elementary

Registration is for the entire school year. Only in the event of moving or serious health issues can you request a tuition restitution. A school year consists of 10 months.

Tuition information

Tuition fee is based on one class per week.

A fee of $300 is applied upon registration. Invoices will be sent by email with the remaining balance according to your selected payment schedule.

Tuition can be paid as follows:

- annually to be paid by September 1

- semi-annual, to be paid by September 1 and January 1

- tri-annual, to be paid by September 1, December 1 and February 1‍

Tuition fees per student:

$2100 ($1650*) per year

$1050 ($825*) in 2 installments

$700 ($550*) in 3 installments

*The amount in the parentheses is a reduced tuition fee if your company does not reimburse you. Should your company only support a part of the school fees, 't Klokhuis expects you to pay the difference.

Payment options
- by check mailed to the main office, payable to 't Klokhuis, 160 Hickory Tavern Road, Gillette,NJ 07933
- via online banking from your own bank to our account at Bank of America:details are on the invoice
- via a link in the invoice to our payment site which is connected to our accounting system Quickbooks


Middle School, VO and Oranges level information

Groep 7, 8, Middelbaar (VO) and Oranges (Dutch as an extra language) are offered online only.

Registration will be available as of July 1st, but if you are interested, please mail to kantoor@klokhuis.com.

If have any questions about the registration or just in general, please contact Loura or Veerle via email at kantoor@klokhuis.com or call 1.908.626.0608.


Location and class times

Classes will be held at the site of St. Matthias Elementary School where our school has rented some space. St. Matthias Elementary School on 4910 N. Claremont Ave. Classes take place every Saturday morning from 9 am - 12 pm (noon).

School Address

St. Matthias Elementary School
4910 N. Claremont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625