Dutch as a foreign language

General Information

Are you interested in learning the Dutch language? We offer in-person courses for adults in different levels starting August 27, 2022 and NT3 for elementary school aged children.

NT3 online

For children aged 6 to 12 years (grades 3-8) we practice with the method 'Horen, Zien en Schrijven' (HZS). This is an exercise program processing of the Dutch language. At the core of the program are 32 workbooks on appealing themes such as school, friends, family, animals and holidays. The workbooks are divided over 4 levels. The program is very suitable for beginners and everyone can board at their own level.

The classes are offered online only and in consultation with the teacher. Depending on the enrollment the group size may vary. If you like to have more information or to schedule a class, please contact tulipschool@tulipschool.org.

Dutch Language education for adults

Classes are held on Saturdays in Chicago, St. Matthias Elementary. Level B1 will be also offered online.

Your teacher will be Frits Lentz, who is experienced in teaching Dutch to adults. For the course curriculum he will be using 'Nederlands in gang'. This comprises of 4 sessions, 9 classes each, the course requires a minimum of 4 students to enroll. After taking the four sessions, your level will be CEFR A1 enabling you to take the Dutch Inburgeringsexamen (integration examination for immigrants from outside the EU).

Further courses are planned for levels up to CEFR B2 - the level required to study at a Dutch language university or institute of higher learning.

For more information including class dates. times and fees; click here.

CNaVT Exams

The school offers CNaVT (Certificate Nederlands als Vreemde Taal) exams. If you wish to take the CNaVT exam, click here for more information. Please contact Frits Lentz, licensed examiner, to schedule the exam.